Celso is an experienced Systems Analyst who worked on projects related to several areas of Information Technology, in 2015, he and teammates have won the AngelHack Brooklyn, and got the third place on the Intel IoT Hackathon. Pursues a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, at FAESA – Vitória, Brazil, part of his classes were taken at the Baruch College – New York, USA, as part of an exchange program. Nowadays works at Inflor a software company based in Vitória - Brazil as Systems Analyst; also worked as: Software Analyst Intern at the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. - NYC; Main System Analyst of the SIGES, a Project Management software used state-wide within Brazil for more than 400 users; and on the conception, development, and implementation of the SysWeb, an ERP used by more than 280 users in companies of the most diverse sectors.
Celso spends his time out enjoying the beauty of the city while runs; he also spends his time out on soccer, Formula 1 and the most diverse podcasts.


Whereisit Logo

Whereisit is the hack winner of the AngelHack Brooklyn 2015. It aims to help developers finding source-code references on GitHub repos without cloning it to their own devices.
Source on Github.

Efetiva Consultoria

Efetiva Consultoria is a consulting company based in Vitória, Brazil, that needed a full multi-language CMS to empower its business across the world.

Power to Parents

Power to Parents is a true IoT (Internet of Things) device capable of turning on and off appliances using a smartphone. Developed during the Intel IoT hackathon, this project got the third place.


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